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Supporting Real World Projects On The
Waves Blockchain Platform

Lease to: 3PDM8wp7trsAM8UKN6F346r8bfhSku67tw4

Waves currently leased to our node: , at the current block height of:

We support Startups, established Companies, Enterprizes, NGOs and Governments launch their own tokens, ICOs and projects.
Customize the Wallet, create beautiful user experiences.
Make the Blockchain your own!

We distribute 99% of mining reward to our lessors and additionally reward them with our custom token VNodeCoin. You can use VNodeCoin for purchasing all our services.

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We focus on the real world applications of Blockchain technology!

Vienna Node is a full scale node on the Waves Blockchain Platform. We process transactions in the Waves token, as well as all of the other tokens created on the Waves platform. At the same time, we help secure the network by participating in the decentralized transaction-checking process that makes Blockchain what it is. You don't need to trust anyone when sending your funds, or executing your smart contracts (feature coming in May 2018), as the network of over 160 nodes verifies each and every transaction before allowing it. Vienna Node is one of them.

If you are considering a blockchain-based project, or an entire business, we strive to be your partner of choice.
We'll help you develop the business case, prepare the launch of your own token (currency), customize the wallet with your corporate design and logo, enable or disable features that suit your business case and provide full support to your blockchain idea.
Most importantly, talk to us about accepting transaction fees in your own token on the Vienna Node. That way, your users won't always have to make sure that they hold Waves tokens in their wallets just so they can send funds when paying for goods or services, or just sending funds to their family and friends.

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For Individuals

Lease your Waves to Vienna Node. Earn interest through the Waves Platform's Leasing Proof of Stake mechanism.

For Startups

Our mission is to facilitate projects backed by Blockchain. We're here to support your tokens and ICOs.

For Enterprizes

Have it both: Blockchain and full ownership/control. We can create a custom and private Blockchain just for you.

For Developers

Vienna Node is a full node on the Waves Blockchain network. Use our APIs to build services for your clients.

Best Technology

Waves is "blockchain 3.0". Cutting edge technology with amazing development roadmap!

Blazing Fast

Waves platform is the fastest blockchain in the World! Capable of up to 1000 tx/s.

Up to Date

Waves is a leading blockchain in terms of speed of development. Top 5 blockchain project on GitHub.

Made with Love

Waves is more than 50 employees and thousands of supporters! Vienna Node is passion for blockchain in the real World :)

buy with VNodeCoin

VNodeCoin is our custom coin, supporting the mission of the Vienna Node.
Find it on the Waves decentralized exchange (DEX) with asset ID*: zrmKP56uyKTYgDJRtur7JBr31Xz2uqpxp6RKRKX1HZ4

VNodeCoin is the reward to all those who lease their Waves to our node. We distribute VNodeCoins to lessors every week, relative to the amount of Waves that they have leased to the node.
More importantly, it is the only token accepted in exchange for services provided by Vienna Node and our team of developers.
In the near future, we will also offer merchandise and possibly a surprise or two related to our home turf, the beautiful city of Vienna.

The total supply of VNodeCoin is 30,000,000 units and it will never increase, as the coin is not reissuable. All VNodeCoins sent to us in exchchange for the services we provide will be burnt. The amount of VNodeCoins in circulation will therefore steadily decrease, increasing the value of the remaining coins.

We want to invest in the development of the entire Waves ecosystem. 10% of the revenue we generate through the sale of VNodeCoin until the 31st of August 2018 will be used for marketing activities for the entire Waves Platform in Europe.

* It is important to check the asset ID when first buying VNodeCoin, as asset names are not unique on the Waves platform. Only by checking the asset ID can you be sure that the coin you want to purchase is the one issued by us.

Whitepaper coming :)

The Waves Client includes Wallet, Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Leasing functionality.

Use the secure online Client, or download the new desktop version for Windows, macOS and Linux directly from the Waves Platform website:

Waves Platform

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